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Hey There!

My name is Melissa and welcome to Simply Sweet Images!!
 Based here in Frederick CO, I am a lover, a dreamer, an optimist, and seeker of beauty and inspiration in all things. You can find me on my paddle board hunting for water when Summer arrives, cruising the mountains on my snowboard in the winter, experimenting (constantly) with new recipes in the kitchen, spending time with friends and family, and looking for any excuse to take out my camera to instantly freeze whatever magic is taking place.
Documenting love stories, adventure, unions, or introductions to life, it all means something to me. I know that if I take just a brief second to point, snap and review, I've got a memory to last a lifetime, a memory I can always look back on and feel, exactly as I did at the time it was captured.
Photography to me is an art with eyes, enabling time to stand still and stay with you through ages. It is a luxurious means to always remember, to always "feel" and always reflect.  
My objective is to give you an experience of  quality, trust and reassurance. I wish to provide you first, with quality service that you feel is worth your investment and so much more. Secondly, I want you to feel trust in not only who you have chosen to document your life, but also that choosing to photograph it was a priceless decision. Lastly I wish to reassure you that beyond the camera, the lens, and pleasantries of business, capturing your beautiful memories and developing picture perfect relationships with my dream. Please allow me to accompany you every step of the way to guarantee the priceless memories we make, will be some of the greatest you have to look back on...forever.



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